Your Civil and Structural Consulting Engineer

Jianguo Wang (Dr.)

Principal Civil Engineer


B.Eng. (1st Class Honour, Civil Eng.)

M.Eng.(Geotechnical Engineering)

PhD (Geomechanics)


Jianguo Wang had over 25 years experience as a lead engineer and consultant in Geotechnical Engineering and Computational Geomechanics (rock mechanics), and over 10 years experience using Geotechnical Softwares (Plaxis, Flac and Abaqus) for soil-structure-underground water interaction projects. He had completed  many geotechnical and mining projects such as

·                Large retaining walls and deep excavation

·                Stabilization of high-steep excavation slopes

·                Stabilization and reinforcement of tunnels in high field stress zones

·                Slope stabilization and site investigation for highway construction and open pits

·                Mining tailing dam and embankment design

·                Investigation on the blast-induced wave propagation within soil and rock media and explored the crater and fragment size.

In addition, Jianguo had published many academic publications in well recognised international journals on the geotechnical and foundation engineering.


Dr. Jianguo Wang can be contacted by email on: